RBM Engineering Leading the Way in Stainless Steel Fabrication

Companies producing dairy and meat, tinned fruit and wine don’t have room for error. When it comes to their stainless steel equipment, they need a partner they can trust, which is why more and more food and beverage industry companies in NZ are turning to RBM Engineering. Here’s why we are an obvious choice for your stainless steel fabrication and installation needs.

We make use of leading technology

The food and beverage industry relies on us for their factory equipment and we, in turn, rely on top-notch technology. We have the leading technology to design, create and install what you need, be it new dryers or vessels, transport piping or customised machinery.

In fact, our equipment is so cutting-edge that we are NZ’s only stainless steel fabrication company to offer mobile orbital welding. Suffice it to say, we have the latest and greatest in the world of stainless steel fabrication.

Loads of expertise and experience

RBM Engineering has been in business for the past six years and during that time we’ve come up with 762 solutions for clients. Our experienced team consistently delivers seamless projects all the way from concept to completion. We know stainless steel, we know what the food and beverage industry’s needs and we know our equipment inside out.

Our clever design

Through drafting and 3D modelling, our designers come up with pragmatic, customised solutions to help your business keep up with your food production demands. Clever design is the cornerstone of our stainless steel fabrication business, and it is always followed up with excellent workmanship.

Professional service

Our dedicated project managers will take care of you throughout your entire project. We believe that every aspect of the job is equally important – a job well done involves great communication and sticking to budgets and deadlines as well as providing a high-quality product.

Site safety above all else

Stainless steel fabrication can be dangerous if strict health and safety protocols are not followed. As IMPAC members, our team is committed to keeping our workers safe on site.

Talk to RBM Engineering

Does your food or beverage business need some new or updated equipment? Talk to the stainless steel fabrication experts and RBM Engineering today.

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